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Tank Exchanges & Fills

Tanks we fill at our Retail Store!

10#, 20#, 30#, 33.3#, 40#, 60#, 100# and RV mounted tanks.

You get the BEST Price and a TRUE Fill!

For example, anywhere that exchanges grill tanks only has them filled to 15# of propane. When you fill your grill tank at Powers Oil and Propane, you get a full 20# of propane at a fraction of the exchange price!

Stop on in with your tank and our certified staff will fill you up!

Should I exchange or fill my tank?

It is always a better idea to fill your propane tanks when empty. Anywhere that exchanges tanks only has them filled to 15# of propane. When you fill your tank at Powers Oil and Propane, you get a full 20# of propane at a fraction of the exchange price!

When should I exchange my tank?

Although filling propane tanks is the most cost effective choice, exchanging your tank may make more sense for you in some scenarios. This may include: out of date tank, valve not working properly, leaks, and more. Consult your propane fill specialist to help make the right decision.

How is the tank filled?

All DOT cylinders are filled by volume and considered empty before filling. Because of this, we charge one flat price so everyone gets the same great deal.

What is your fill price?

Our fill price for 20# propane cylinders is $14.99. We have sales periodically throughout the year, so check out our Facebook Page and follow us to stay in the loop and guarantee the best price possible!

How long do propane tanks last? Can you recertify?

Most propane tanks are good for 12 years after manufacture date. We can recertify your propane tanks assuming they pass the checklist for $24.99 plus tax. 

How do I know if my tank is empty?

Determining if propane tanks are empty is not as straight forward as other tanks may be. If the tank is no longer fueling your machines, chances are it is time for a fill. Tanks may also be weighed against their tare weight to see how many pounds of propane remain. Alternatively, tank gauges can be purchased at our Retail Store anytime!

What is the best way to transport my tanks?

Standing up propane tanks during transportation is important. Keep your tanks in a cool, shaded area during storage and confirm that tanks are standing and strapped down during transportation.

Synthetic Lubricants

AMSOIL can be purchased at Powers Oil & Propane. AMSOIL has undergone rigorous testing to validate their claims to be the BEST synthetic oil available to help your vehicles and equipment achieve their OPTIMUM performance. Come check it out!

Fuel for Pickup

Reflecting the consistent quality racers rely on from VP products, there’s nothing standard about VP’s 110 blend. Formulated for use in naturally aspirated engines with compression ratios up to 12:1. VP 110 is available in 5 gallon, 55 gallon, and bulk. All other products are available in 5 gallon and 55 gallon drums. 

Ethanol Free Gas

Our Ethanol Free Gas, also known as recreational gas, is 89 octane. Ethanol Free Gas is designed for improving small engines and boats. It improves performance and reduces the absorption of water. Ethanol Free gas is perfect for boats, motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATV/UTV, lawn mowers, chainsaws, and more!

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