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Propane Delivery

Are you tired of waiting 5, 10, or 14 plus days for delivery?  Are you frustrated with regional, national or international call centers and answering services?  At Powers Oil and Propane, when you call,  you talk to a real person based at our corporate office in Alliance, Ohio.  Delivery will be made in 1-3 business days.   At Powers Oil and Propane, we take pride in providing our customers with an unmatched delivery experience whether you are Residential, Farm, Business, Commercial or Industrial.  No Hazmat Fees!  No Fuel charges!  Enjoy options like our “Keep Full Program” or our “Will Call” Delivery program as well as wireless tank monitoring.

Propane Tank Installation

Powers Oil and Propane provides and installs propane tanks at no cost as long as the minimum requirement of two fills per year is purchased.  We have 1000, 500, 330, 250, 200, 120 and 50 gallon tanks available based on yearly usage.  Tank rental fees will be assessed to customers that do not meet minimum yearly usage  requirements.

Additional Propane Services

Additional propane services include:

  • Tank resets
  • Tank rebuilds
  • Leak testing
  • Line trenching
  • Regulator replacements
  • Additional line installations
  • Generator and Gas grill line installations

Propane Leak Testing

Powers Oil and Propane can leak test your propane system. Propane leaks can be very dangerous and should be handled by a professional.

When it comes to gas appliances, safety is a top priority. If you smell gas in your home, follow these steps as set by PERC:

  1. NO FLAMES OR SPARKS. Immediately put out all smoking materials and other open flames. Do not operate lights, appliances, telephones, or cell phones. Flames or sparks from these sources can trigger an explosion or a fire.
  2. LEAVE THE AREA IMMEDIATELY. Get everyone out of the building or area where you suspect gas is leaking.
  3. SHUT OFF THE GAS. Turn off the main gas supply valve on your propane tank if it is safe to do so. To close the valve, turn it to the right (clockwise).
  4. REPORT THE LEAK. From a neighbor’s home or other nearby building away from the gas leak, call your propane retailer right away. If you can’t reach your propane retailer, call 911 or your local fire department.
  5. DO NOT RETURN TO THE BUILDING OR AREA until your propane retailer, emergency responder, or qualified service technician determines that it is safe to do so.
  6. GET YOUR SYSTEM CHECKED. Before you attempt to use any of your propane appliances, your propane retailer or a qualified service technician must check your entire system to ensure that it is leak-free.
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Will Call Service

This delivery option requires some pre-planning on the customer’s part. Please allow us 1-3 full business days to make your delivery thus allowing for weekends, holidays and inclement weather. We value all our customers and do not charge any extra for your delivery, but we do ask you to purchase 150 gallons or more when ordering.

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Keep Full Service

Powers Oil and Propane’s Keep Full Service provides customers with a “No run out”  guarantee.   In any line of work, being caught without fuel proves to be costly.  Take one more “to-do” off your list by allowing Powers Oil and Propane to keep you full.  This is our promise that should you ever run out we will provide 24/7 service, a furnace start, leak test ( for propane customers) for the inconvenience.  Residential, Farm or Business?  All are welcome to this Service! Powers will not let you down!  We take great pride in keeping our customers up and running.  Sign up today!