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Do you heat with heating oil or propane? Do you hate going to the gas station? Do you make your own oil changes? Powers Oil and Propane has the solutions you are looking for. Powers Oil and Propane provides heating oil and propane to heat your home as well as gas, diesel, and lubricants to keep your tractor and automobiles running.

You will also appreciate the Powers Plus Programs as a way to help you save money and manage your expenses! Find out how we can provide you with the products and services you need to stay warm, save time and save money!

Powers Oil and Propane


Propane (also called LPG-liquefied petroleum gas-or LP gas) is a liquid fuel stored under pressure. Propane is a safe, economical, clean-burning, and versatile fuel when properly used. Customers use propane at their homes for many purposes. We service accounts that use propane for their furnace, hot water heater, clothes dryer, cooking stove or fireplace. No matter what you use propane for we can handle your account.

#2 Heating Oil and

#1 Heating Oil

 #2 Heating Oil is by far the most popular fuel oil. Customers use this for their furnace as well as their hot water heater. With a high BTU rating per gallon, it is a very warm heat used in many homes.

#1 Heating Oil/Kerosene is the most refined of the heating oils. Generally, it is used for those customers who want guaranteed anti-gel protection or need it for a torpedo/wick type heater.

#2 Premium Heating Oil

Powers Oil and Propane can custom blend your #2 fuel with Schaeffer’s brand additives to give you Premium Heating Oil. This is the most refined of the heating oils. Generally, it is used for customers who want guaranteed anti-gel protection or are using the this heating oil in torpedo or wick type heaters. This Premium Heating oil has several benefits: improved combustion by up to 4%, which provides even more BTU’s (140,000) per gallon. It will protect your entire fuel system from rust and corrosion as well as extend the storage life of your fuel. Our Premium Heating Oil will also guard against your fuel gelling. This can be a real problem for customers with outside fuel storage but, with our Premium Heating Oil your worries are over.

Gas and Diesel

Powers Oil and Propane provides all the gasolines and diesels to meet the needs of your equipment and vehicles. We offer conventional gasoline and premium gasolines including E-10 and racing gas. Off-road (dyed) diesel and On-Road ultra low sulfur (15 ppm) or low sulfur (500 ppm) are also available. There are many reasons to have a fuel tank at your home. The most common is the convenience. Whether, you’re tired of stopping for gas or lugging those heavy gas cans back and forth to the gas station, we can help you! Call today! span>

VP Racing Gas and Solvents

Powers Oil and Propane sells the VP brand of racing gas in various octanes for all applications. Stoddard solvent is also available. These products are available in bulk, drums and pails.

We Also Sell:

  • Solvents
  • Anti-freeze
  • Oil Dry
  • Tanks
  • Pumps
  • Hoses
  • Nozzles
  • Filters
  • Windshield Washer Fluid

Wolfshead, Starfire, Amalie and Schaeffers.
(Other brands are available)

A full line of oil products for any of your lubricating needs including engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils and greases. Sold in bulk, by the 55 gal drums, 5 gallon pails and some case goods. 

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