Gas and Diesel

Gas and Diesel Delivery

Powers Oil and Propane delivers the products you need to keep your home warm, appliances working, and vehicles running. Home heating fuels, propane, gas, diesels, and lubricants can be delivered to your home. Tanks and equipment can be provided on loan as needed. Call today to save time and money with Powers Oil and Propane!


Gas and Diesel Tank Installation

Powers Oil and Propane provides gas and diesel tanks, installation and maintenance. Tanks and equipment are available either on loan or for purchase to customers. Tank maintenance is provided for equipment on loan or services can be scheduled for customer owned equipment.


Powers Will Call Logo

Will Call Service

This delivery option requires some pre-planning on your part. Please allow us 1-3 full days to make your delivery thus allowing for weekends, holidays and inclement weather. We value all our customers and do not charge you any extra for your delivery but we do ask you to purchase a 150 gallons or more when ordering.



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Keep-Full Service

Powers Oil and Propane’s Keep Full Service provides customers with a “No run out”  guarantee.   In any line of work, being caught without fuel proves to be costly.  Take one more “to-do” off your list by allowing Powers Oil and Propane to keep you full.  This is our promise that should you ever run out we will provide 24/7 service, a furnace start, leak test ( for propane customers) for the inconvenience.  Residential, Farm or Business?  All are welcome to this Service! Powers will not let you down!  We take great pride in keeping our customers up and running.  Sign up today!