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Who We Are

Scott Powers

Scott Powers is the President of Powers Oil and Propane and co-owns the business with his wife, Toni. After graduating from college, he and Toni moved back to Toni’s hometown of Alliance, OH in 1994. His father in-law offered him a job in the families oil business. Since 1994, Scott and Toni have worked hard to bring growth to the family business. While some things have changed and evolved through the years in this third generation oil business, it’s key values of community, customer service and hard work have not.

As President of the growing Powers Oil and Propane Company, Scott brings over 22 years experience in fuel distribution as well as his integrity, passion for people, and contagious charisma that brings a smile to anyone’s face.

Scott knows the secret to his success isn’t because of who he is; but, rather who he serves, Jesus Christ.

Toni Powers

Toni Powers is co-owner and Vice President of Powers Oil and Propane. Toni graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in physical therapy from Bowling Green State University. A native to Alliance, OH, Toni has grown up in the fuel business. She has worked in the fuel business in varying degrees throughout her life, from riding in the truck as a child to working as a secretary in her teens and now as Vice President. She and Scott both attribute the companies success and growth to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. They pray the business will serve its customers, employees, and community in such a way that demonstrates excellence and leadership!