Powers Plus Programs


EvenPay Plan

Are you sick of getting large heating bills during the holidays? Would you like to have control over the size of your payments? Now you CAN!

  • Offered to any residential propane or heating oil account.
  • Avoid large payments by spreading them out over eleven even payments.
  • You choose the day of the month you want your monthly recurring payment due.
  • Make it easy by requesting your account be set-up for automatic payment via your credit card.
  • No worries as you are automatically kept full and given the no run out guarantee.
  • Enrollment is FREE! Call Now for details!

Fast Pay Discount Program

You can get additional savings by paying your bill faster! Powers Oil and Propane provides an opportunity that is unique to the industry. Residential customer payments received within 7 days of delivery can save 2 cents off per gallon for gas and diesel fuel or 5 cents off per gallon for home heating fuel and propane. Commercial, Agricultural and Industrial customers earn 2 cents off per gallon for gas, diesel, and propane products when payments are received within 7 days.

Customer Referral Program

We love that you want to share the great service and value you have received from Powers Oil and Propane with your friends and family! Let us say “Thanks” with a minimum of 25.00 credit for every referral received. (Minimum 150 gallon delivery)

Propane Specific Programs

Lock In

No need to worry about your winter heating bills with Powers Oil & Propane. Our Lock in program costs $75 and is offered in June and July. by enrolling, you lock in your chosen amount of gallons at a secured rate. Powers Oil and Propane will deliver those gallons at the locked in price for the coming year. Enjoy peace of mind this year, call now to enroll!

Pre-Buy Lock in

Powers Oil and Propane customers can receive an additional discount when choosing a Pre-Buy Lock in rate. With this program, you enjoy the benefits of securing your requested gallons at a locked in rate for the coming year with no enrollment fee. Customers are required to purchase the gallons desired up front and then Powers Oil & Propane will deliver those gallons over the next year.

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