Powers+ Programs

Propane Lock-In Contracts

The lock-in program requires the customer to pay a $75.00 fee to lock-in a propane price per gallon for the requested number of gallons (minimum 400 gallons) you estimate that you would like for the period of October 1,  – March 31st. You do not pay for the gallons until they are delivered. Contact us to find out more about this program.

Propane Pre-Buy Contracts

The pre-buy program has no fees and allows the customer to fix their propane price per gallon for the upcoming heating season.  To participate in this program, the customer signs a propane pricing agreement and pays up front for the requested number of gallons (minimum 400 gallons) they will use during the period of October 1st – March 31st. Contact us to find out more about this program.

Residential EvenPay Plan

We offer residential customers the opportunity to spreadout their heating bills over 11months starting each year in July!  Many customers combine this program with the keep full Program to eliminate all of the work and worry from their heating needs.

Fast Pay Discount

Paying your bill faster can get you additional savings! Powers Oil and Propane provides an opportunity that is unique to the industry. Residential customer payments received within 7 days of delivery can save 2 cents off per gallon of gas or diesel, or 5 cents off per gallon for home heating fuel and propane. Business accounts can receive 2 cents off per gallon of gas, diesel, and propane deliveries when payments are received within 7 days (Cash or Check Only).


Powers Will Call Logo

Will Call Service

This delivery option requires some pre-planning on the customer’s part. Please allow us 1-3 full business days to make your delivery thus allowing for weekends, holidays and inclement weather. We value all our customers and do not charge any extra for your delivery, but we do ask you to purchase 150 gallons or more when ordering.

Customer Referral Program

We love when customers want to share with their friends, families, and neighbors the great service and value that we have to offer at Powers Oil and Propane. Let us say “thanks” with a minimum of $25.00 credit for every referral received (Minimum 150 gallon delivery).


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Keep Full Service

Powers Oil and Propane’s keep full Service provides customers with a “No run out”  guarantee.   In any line of work, being caught without fuel proves to be costly.  Take one more “to-do” off your list by allowing Powers Oil and Propane to keep you full.  This is our promise that should you ever run out we will provide 24/7 service, a furnace start, leak test ( for propane customers) for the inconvenience.  Residential, Farm or Business?  All are welcome to this Service! Powers will not let you down!  We take great pride in keeping our customers up and running.  Sign up today!