Heating Oil

Heating Oil Delivery

Powers Oil and Propane delivers the products you need to keep your home warm, appliances working, and vehicles running. Home heating fuels, propane, gas, diesels, and lubricants can be delivered to your home. Call today to save time and money with Powers Oil and Propane!


#2 Heating Oil

#2 Heating Oil is by far the most popular fuel oil. Customers use this for their furnace as well as their hot water. With a high BTU rating per gallon, it is a very warm heat used in many homes.

#2 Premium Heating Oil

Powers Oil and Propane can custom blend your #2 fuel with Schaeffer’s brand additives to give you premium heating Oil. This is the most refined of the heating oils. Generally, it is used for customers who want guaranteed anti-gel protection or are using the this heating oil in torpedo or wick type heaters. This premium heating oil has several benefits: improved combustion by up to 4%, which provides even more BTU’s (140,000) per gallon. It will protect your entire fuel system from rust and corrosion as well as extend the storage life of your fuel. Our premium heating Oil will also guard against your fuel gelling. This can be a real problem for customers with outside fuel storage but, with our Premium Heating Oil your worries are over.



#1 Heating Oil/Kerosene

#1 Heating Oil/Kerosene is the most refined of the heating oils. Generally, it is used for those customers who want guaranteed anti-gel protection or need it for a torpedo/wick type heater.


Will Call Service

This delivery option requires some pre-planning on the customer’s part. Please allow us 1-3 full business days to make your delivery thus allowing for weekends, holidays and inclement weather. We value all our customers and do not charge any extra for your delivery, but we do ask you to purchase 150 gallons or more when ordering.

Keep-Full Service

Take one more “to-do” off your list by allowing Powers Oil and Propane to keep you full. Keep full customers receive a “no run out” guarantee! This guarantees that should you ever run out we will provide 24/7 service, a furnace start, leak test ( for propane customers) for the inconvenience. Let us take one more worry off you and sign-up now for the Automatic Keep Full Service. (No fee to enlist or participate; however, your account balance must be kept within terms to apply.)