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Is there anything I can do to spread out my payments?

Yes, you can get on our Even Payment Plan. This will allow you to spread your payments out over 11 months instead of having to pay all your heating bills in the winter months. Enrollment begins in May and June with your first payment due in July.

How can I lower my fuel costs?

Take advantage of our Fast Pay Discount. Customer payments received within 7 days of delivery can save 2 cents off per gallon for gas and diesel fuel or 5 cents off per gallon for home heating fuel and propane. The Commercial/Agricultural/Industrial customer payments received within 7 days of delivery can save 2 cents off per gallon for gas, diesel, and propane products.

Any other ways?

Yes, if you refer a friend, neighbor or local business to us we will give you a minimum of $25 for every referral received (minimum 150 gallon delivery).

Isn't it cheaper for me to call when I need it so I can get fuel when the price is the lowest?

This is a great idea in theory; but, unfortunately the prices are changing on daily basis with numerous contributing factors globally, nationally, regionally and locally.  As a matter of fact, over the last several years prices have at times been higher during certain summer months and lower in certain winter months. There is a common misconception that when prices are up the local fuel distributor is making more as well.  This isn’t true.  Just like the consumer, the local fuel distributor is paying more as well. We are dedicated to helping you maximize your dollar; thus, when the prices are down we do our best to pass along the value to our customers.  In addition, Powers Oil offers a even payment plan that allows the customer to have a set monthly payment over 11 months that allows the customer to take control of their monthly expenses.

What is your minimum delivery?

Normally it is 150 gallons. Smaller deliveries can be made; but, a delivery charge will need to be added.

When should I order fuel?

Generally around 1/4 tank. This gives us plenty of time to make your delivery without you worrying about running out of oil.

How can I tell if I'm out of fuel or if I need my furnace repaired?

First check your fuel tank/gauge to make sure it contains fuel? Next check the electrical switch – is it on? Check the electrical fuses / circuit breaker. You can try resetting the starting control. Press the RESET button on the burner relay – but ONLY ONCE. If still nothing and you’re an “automatic delivery” customer you can call us and we will have a delivery person out right away to fill you up and start your furnace. If you are a “Will Call” customer we will try to get as soon as we can. If it is after hours you can purchase 10 gallons of kerosene at your local service station to get you by until we can get there. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to order a fill up.  Feel free to leave a message if after hours as this will allow us to get to you as soon as possible.

What is Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and who needs to use it?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has put out new standards that require a major reduction in the sulfur content of diesel fuels and emission levels from diesel engines and vehicles.  In order to comply with these new EPA standards, the petroleum industry is producing Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD).  This is a cleaner burning diesel fuel containing a maximum of 15 parts per million (ppm) sulfur content.  If you are an owner of a 2007 and later model year diesel-powered highway vehicles, only ULSD fuel may be used.  The only exception is for 2007 model year medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks that are equipped with 2006 engines and emission systems. These vehicles are not required to use ULSD fuel. Owners of 2006 and earlier model year diesel-powered engines and vehicles may use ULSD or Low Sulfur Diesel fuel during the transition period. Only ULSD fuel will be available for highway use starting on December 1, 2010.  For more information see Clean Diesel Fuel Alliance Information Center.

Where can homeowners go for help in paying for their heating bills?

Needy families and the elderly can apply for fuel assistance through HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) Check your state agencies such as the Department of Housing and Community Development.

How does the fuel distributor fill my tank?

A heating oil system includes a tank, fill pipe and vent pipe. The end of the fill pipe and vent pipe are outdoors and near each other. The fuel distributor places the nozzle from the hose that connects to the delivery truck into the fill pipe.  The vent pipe then releases air from the tank as it fills. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires inside tanks to have a whistle that quits sounding when the tank reaches its fill point alerting the fuel distributor that the tank is full.

What is oilheat's impact on the environment?

Oilheat continues to improve.  Today’s oilheat only releases 7 ounces for every thousand gallons burned or .006 percent.  A marked improvement from years past, where it was 10 pounds per thousand gallons burned or .1 percent.  For more information see

How can I be sure I won't run out?

Let us do the work.  Sign up for the automatic keep full program.

How long should 150 gallons last?

There are numerous factors that  will determine how long 150 gallons lasts.  Some of the biggest factors are outside temperatures, the temperature inside the home/business, if supplemental heating sources are used, home insulation and furnace efficiency to name a few.  To ease your worries of running out, consider our automatic keep full program.

Is their anyway I could still run out even if I'm on the automatic keep full program!?

There are two main reasons why an automatic keep full customer could run out. The first reason is payments haven’t been kept current. The second reason is there are factors that could have created a sharp change in your fuel usage making it difficult to precisely monitor your fuel consumption. Factors such as changing your supplemental fuel use, remodeling or construction in the home/business, or an addition of a baby or elderly person in the home requiring warmer inside temperatures could increase fuel consumption. In order to avoid the inconvenience of a run out, please notify us should there be factors that maybe contributing to an increase in your fuel use. With the exception of a delinquent account, Powers Oil and Propane is dedicated to providing a “No Run Out Guarantee” to its automatic keep full customers thus a $25.00 customer credit and 24/7 service is provided to these valued customers.

Do I pay from my invoice or wait for a statement?

Please pay from the invoice. No statement will be sent.

What are all these definitions on my invoice?

In order to comply with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, certain definitions and language is required to properly describe the products sold.

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